History Of Cutchi Memon Union

Our Roots

The origin of Memons as a community dates back to a period in history listed as 824 AH, when about 700 Hindu families belonging to the old and famous Lohana community of Sindh accepted Islam under the auspicious hands of Pir Yusufuddin Saheb (may the Mercy of Allah be upon him) and followed the Hanafi path. Pir Saheb called the new adherents to Islam, Momins and appointed Adam (Sunderji) as their leader and guide.

The Cutchi Memons migrated to Bhuj, the capital of Cutch. Memons played an important role in the Indian freedom struggle against British rule.

Memons are a peace loving business community, who by nature are generous, kind-hearted and charitable people. Their support reaches out to the less fortunate jamat members - to schools, orphanages and hospitals; without distinction of caste, color or creed. Some of the mosques built by the Memons include Zakaria Masjid in Kolkata and Minara Masjid in Mumbai,and Masjijid-e-Al Noor in Bangalore. The Haji Sir Ismail Sait Hospital is a famous land mark in Bangalore.


This world has never been without the inspiring presence of noble and good human beings. But for them the world would have ceased to exist a long time ago. As long as flowers bloom in a garden, the gardener learns to adjust and live with the thorns. Lakhs of people are born every day but only a handful make a place for themselves, not only in the pages of history but also in the hearts and minds of other human beings for generations to come. Haji Abdus Shukoor Ahmed Sait was one such personality whose love for the Memon community and whose farsightedness was instrumental in creating the Cutchi Memon Union.

Even good people can be classified into two types - the first type does good work but does so for recognition i.e. to earn a name for himself. The second type consists of those who work selflessly- who work for the upliftment and welfare of others. They keep away from the limelight. They do not hurt anyone with either their words or actions. They believe that the prosperity of any community depends on its unity and not in enmity. Unity bonds and brings everyone together whereas enmity destroys relationships. One should be ever grateful to “Allah Hu Tallah” and work unitedly against all odds with the sole object of uplifting the community.

It was indeed a lucky day and a lucky moment when Haji Abdus Shukoor Sait noticed the sad condition of the Memon Jamath. With his far sightedness he decided to establish The Cutchi Memon Union and handed over its reigns to the youth of the community. He was sure that the youth would not betray his trust and so in 1933 The Cutchi Memon Union came into existence in his property - in the Shukoor Building, as desired by its founder. It is because of his untiring effort, sincerity and hard work that today we have the Cutchi Memon Union - an organization that is working to improve the lives of the downtrodden - offering free medical aid, interest free loans to the needy, scholarships to deserving students to help them achieve higher goals in their academic life, and more. It is a matter of pride that today we remember the iron man who was responsible for the birth of the Cutchi Memon Union. Let us pray to Almighty Allah that He elevates the soul of Mr. Haji Abdus Shukoor Ahmed Sait, the founder of the Cutchi Memon Union and gives him the highest status in Jannatul Firdous.

– Ameeen.

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