Cutchi Memon Education Trust

In the Year 1943 two gentlemen Hajee Saleh Mohammed Ahmed Sait and Hajee Jaffer Hajee Ebrahim Sait mooted the idea of providing aid to deserving children and help them in the advancement of a good education. Thus, was born the Cutchi Memon Education Trust on 26th Day of March Nineteen Hundred & Forty Three. With substantial funds provided by these Philanthropists, along with a Generous Gift of a Property in B. Oosman Khan Road, by Mrs. Rahima Bai Saheba (Mrs. Abdulla Younus Sait) alongwith a cash donation; the Trust started functioning in right earnest.

Later, encouraged with the enthusiastic and well managed institution; Cutchi Memon Education Trust, Hajee Sir Ismail Sait donated a huge property at K. Kamaraj Road and Veerapillai Street. Subsequently offices and showrooms were constructed on these premises to augment the Resources and Income of the Trust.

The Trust, over the last 74 Years, has helped thousands of children and young men and women. They have given Scholarships which now include School Fees, Uniforms, Text Books and Admission Charges. They have also occasionally helped in other ways by financially aiding the underperforming students in getting tuition etc. Most students have been successful in their respective professions. Many of these youngsters aided by us, by the dint of their hard work and determination have become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Software Engineers and Architects. Hundreds of our brethren have also been successful in finding lucrative jobs abroad, mainly the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and most importantly the Middle East. In the last few months, where requests are at a peak, a sum of Rs. 57,75,000/- were disbursed to 137 Students.

Sir Hajee Ismail Sait being a great philanthropist had also Willed a large piece of land to the Cutchi Memon Jamath. This property is adjacent to the Trust. With the enthusiasm and encouragement of every member of our community, a Beautifully Designed Complex was built on these two properties which are held jointly. This complex known as the Saleh Mohammed Ahmed Sait Cutchi Memon Jamath Khana has helped the Trust and the Jamath to boost their income exponentially.

We have ambitious plans in the offing. Some of these ideas are:

  • Bright and outstanding students would be guided and encouraged to pursue their studies in reputed and well recognized institutions with good opportunities to be placed in respected organisations.
  • Organize Counselling to students completing their High School and proceeding to Pre-University Education. Similarly, students moving beyond the Pre-University Level to the next Level would also be provided Counselling.
  • Having competitions to test their cognitive skills and their intelligence levels. These activities to be designed to encourage and enthuse them in their studies and careers.
  • Give additional Scholarships and Prizes to all students of the Community who have excelled in their respective fields.
  • The Trust and the Jamath have always been grateful for people who have sacrificed their time and money to bring up this great institution to the present level. We are sure more people will come forward to devote their valuable time and money to bring this Trust to greater Heights.
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